This privacy policy and legal statement contains the terms and conditions for using this website and all associated websites and social media outlets ran by Karina Sukar Interior Architecture and Design, such as but not limited to, Facebook pages, Facebook profile pages, Instagram accounts, twitter accounts, etc. (together, “website”) Said statement determines our responsibilities concerning our Website. You are required to read it before using the Website, and using the website directly implies that you accept its terms. Our Website is regularly updated and so is our privacy policy and legal statement. As such we ask you to regularly refer back to it in the future. 

1. Website usage

A. Karina Sukar and/ or its licensors own the intellectual property to all material that is available on the Website, individually and collectively, in whatever format it is displayed, and none of which, including parts of the Website itself, can be reproduced or republished in any form or shape without prior written consent. 

B. If or when any sort of private information is gathered by us or volunteered by you during the website visit, then Karina Sukar pledges not to sell or disclose any such information except when needed in order to process purchasing orders. 

C. We also make all reasonable efforts to maintain any such information that is stored on our servers secure.


2. Website user behavior

A. Except for personal information (limited to: name, address, telephone number, email address) which our privacy policy covers in full, anything you send to this website will be considered as non-proprietary and non-confidential, and becomes the exclusive property of Karina Sukar and as such will be freely and without limitations treated by us as such for any and whatever purpose we choose, including but not limited to, product design, development, manufacture and sale. 

B. You will not send any material which is: not your own intellectual property or for which you do not have proper consent, or which constitutes a violation in confidentiality, privacy, or can be deemed as offensive in any manner or sort, or outside the boundaries of the law. 

C. Unless you have our written consent, you may not link to our website, or any part of it, in a manner that infers our endorsement to you in any way.

D. You cannot hold us in any way responsible for any links we may provide, which we may do for showcasing purposes, and we do not continuously check for these links’ landings and content, which may be changed without our knowledge. 

E. You are fully responsible and indemnifiable for any damage or loss that occurs following a breach of any clause herein.


3. Website content

A. We are not responsible for the accuracy, any unseen error or typo in any of the information or material posted on our Website. 

B. When exact information is required, users are asked to make a direct inquiry through our “contact us” link. 

C. We may use cookies for the purpose of enhancing the user experience. Feel free to accept or reject our cookies.


4. No liability

A. We are not in any way responsible, despite the continuous and reasonable care we take, for any information which is not correct, complete, or updated, nor are we responsible for any harm or loss that may occur to you as you use our website. This “no liability” clause shall include material, content, repairs, repairs, and any other direct or indirect or consequential damage or loss.

B. While continuously check and monitor our website, we are not responsible for any form of malware, viruses, or any sort of harmful software that may have infected our website and which may spread to website visitors, nor are we in any way responsible for any form of damage resulting from such action. 


5. Law and jurisdiction

A. This policy shall be construed and governed by the Lebanese law, and any dispute(s) shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Lebanese chamber of commerce.